Appraisal Services

Estate, Divorce, Farm and Heavy Equipment, Business

Providing accurate appraisals based on a number of factors including current market values, provenance, and the items themselves is a cornerstone of Alfred's Auction services. Since 1980, our experience, knowledge, transparency and adherence to USPAP standards have made us a trusted and respected appraisal service for commercial and residential clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

Estate Appraisals

Our valuation of inheritances and living estates can help you determine the best way to liquidate any size estate. Our appraisals can be used for court settlements or we can arrange to auction your estate for you - we do all the heavy work, from key advertising and local permits to optimal setup and leaving your property clean.

Divorce Settlement Appraisals

We work with clients and banks to give honest, fair and equitable valuations for divorce settlements including real estate, vehicles, businesses, art, antiques and much more.

Farm and Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Whether you need an equipment or machinery appraisal for acquisition, liquidation, insurance, settlements, dispute resolutions or any other reason, we'll give you real-world, accurate appraisals for fair value, forced or orderly liquidation value, or fair market value.

Business Appraisals

We provide fair and accurate appraisals for your business with real-world high/low range valuations for bank loans, liquidation, litigation, estate or tax planning, insurance, or any other need you may have.