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Acclaimed Fundraising Auctioneer - Proven Auction Results

A fundraising auction is a great way for charities, schools and organizations to raise money. In order for your benefit to be successful, you need an experienced auctioneer who not only makes your auction a profitable event, but also makes it an event to remember.

"Incredibly successful fundraising event." "Very talented auctioneer." "Valuable consultant." "Flawless."

These are just a few of the accolades Alfred has received as a fundraising auctioneer. His high level of professionalism, ability to read the audience, and outgoing, friendly personality make him a valuable asset to any type of benefit auction.

With over 37 years of auctioneering experience, Alfred has the knowledge to give you that all-important pre-auction advice for optimal setup and crowd appeal. And he'll help to spark interest in your event through key advertising and social media, all of which builds toward the success of your auction.

Alfred's auctioneering generates excitement and engages the audience, creating an entertaining, fun atmosphere and maintaining positive energy throughout the auction - maximizing your auction profits and having your audience looking forward to next year's event!

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