About Us

Land and Real Estate

A recognized way to expedite sales. Real Estate auctions vastly shorten holding time. 

Business Liquidation

Always in demand! Tools, equipment, vehicles, fleets are always a hit at auction.

Estate and Personal Property

We sell entire estates from attic to basement, from garage to barns. Everything has value at auction.

Detailed Auction Services

Here's How Alfred's Auctions Can Help You


A hallmark of professionalism and knowledge with a strong following for over 35 years, Alfred's Auctions is highly regarded by auction buyers and sellers alike. As an experienced, knowledgeable auctioneer, our goal is to find the most value in your property and turn it into cash for you.

Stress-free liquidation auctions. 

Alfred will personally evaluate your property to give you a good idea of its approximate value and the best way to liquidate it. Then we take it from there - you don't have to waste valuable time clearing things out or worrying about next steps.

Through key advertising, social media, and a large customer base, the auction of your real estate, personal property or equipment will get the highest visibility and best attendance possible.

We can help you with:

· Estate liquidations - living estates, inherited estates, personal property auctions

· Business liquidations 

· Real estate auctions 

· Heavy equipment auctions

· Agricultural auctions - nursery stock, produce auctions

· Benefit auctions - charities, fundraisers

· Auctioneer for hire

Alfred's extensive experience and important affiliations in the auction industry ensure you the best possible results and a professional, memorable event.

Attending your first auction as a buyer? Here's what you can expect!

Auctioneer May 1st 1980

"My father loved to go to auctions. I loved to go with my father and I have been attending auctions long before I got my gavel on May 1st 1980". Produce auctions, equipment auctions and weekly auctions were a weekly if not daily event growing up.

30 years selling agricultural products

Selling in a commercial setting 6 days a week, an auctioneer can polish his craft to a fine edge. "My chant is clear and fast; when I see a buyer with a confused look on their face I slow it down and bring them on board. No one is left behind."

Alfred's Auctions since 1992

Working as an auctioneer for hire from 1980, we started contracting sales in 1992  and continued selling for other companies, calling as many as 10 auctions a week.

Working with some of the biggest firms in the state

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best-known auctioneers in the state of New Jersey. I learned so much from each one of them and I share this experience with my clients to make their sales successful.

Want to know more?

Call us at 609-448-SOLD (7653). We handle farm liquidations, estate liquidations and business liquidations. We specialize in "on site" auctions.  

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